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We provide water heater repair on both standard models and tankless water heaters.

Water Heater Repair in Kannapolis, North CarolinaIt is a common misconception that if you aren’t getting any hot water from the water heater that it most likely needs to be replaced. At Hall’s Plumbing, we want you to know that in a vast majority of cases, all that is needed is water heater repair. The main issue that would indicate replacement is necessary is if the tank is no longer holding water and it doesn’t have to do with a leaking connection. Most often, it is an issue that would normally be caught during a maintenance visit, such as sediment buildup, loose electrical connection, faulty valve, or heating element concern.

We offer water heater repair for both standard tank models and tankless water heaters, the latter of which isn’t something all plumbing companies can do. We chose to become experienced with them because we saw how popular they were becoming in the Kannapolis, North Carolina area for their energy efficiency and space savings benefits.

We can provide water heater repair on any make or model, even older units. Speaking of older units, we will go over what it will cost for your repair so you can make the decision about proceeding or putting those funds toward a new water heater instead.

If you have been told you need a new water heater and would like a second opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll also be happy to address any questions you might have about water heater repair or when to opt for a new one instead. Call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment for service.

At Hall’s Plumbing, we offer high-quality water heater repair services in Mooresville, Iredell County, Conover, Newton, Kannapolis, Mt. Pleasant, Maiden, Taylorsville, Davidson, Sherrills Ford, Denver, Statesville, and Terrell, North Carolina.


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