In this day in age, when information is readily available to anyone with internet access, it’s tempting to go the do-it-yourself route for plumbing problems instead of calling a professional for plumbing services. For simple fixes like a running toilet, this can be a great idea and save you money and the hassle of waiting around for a plumber to schedule a visit, but if a repair is beyond your skillset, it’s best to call a professional plumber.

3 Common Problems that Require Professional Plumbing Services

When plumbing repairs go wrong, the results can be disastrous. Leaks in the plumbing can go undetected behind walls and under the house until the damage has become significant. Even just a couple of inches of water in a space can create thousands of dollars in repair costs. There are a few common plumbing problems we recommend you call us for plumbing services rather than trying to do it yourself.
Plumbing Services

  • Your drains won’t drain. A clogged drain is a common problem, and there are many home remedies you can use to clear the clog. If you find that you have to repeatedly unclog your drains, however, there may be a bigger problem lurking. Our plumbers can use special tools like cameras to go into your pipes and see what might be causing the build-up, and we can use professional techniques to unclog your drains more permanently.
  • Your faucets won’t stop leaking. Leaking faucets not only increase your water bill, but they can be a sign of bigger problems with the plumbing. If you’ve tried tightening or replacing the bracket, but the problem persists, call us for our plumbing services. Pressure build-up, a crack in the pipe, or improper installation can all contribute to leaky faucets.
  • Your toilet keeps overflowing. We’ve all had the pleasure of using a plunger to clear out a clogged toilet, but if you continue to have a clogged toilet with unusual frequency, you need our plumbing services. There may be a bigger clog that’s deeper in the plumbing system than you can manage on your own.

We are happy to offer our plumbing services for any of your plumbing needs in the Mooresville area. Give us a call today to get started!