How to Know if You Need Well Pump Repair

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You use your well pump every single day to wash your clothes, take a shower and water your grass. You may not realize it, but your well pump is an important part of your home and when your well pump is having issues it can affect your day in a negative way. There are a couple things you can watch for to help you know when you need well pump repair.

How to Know if You Need Well Pump Repair

  • Changes in water pressure – There are a few reasons why your water pressure can fluctuate or decrease, but one reason can be that the motor on your well pump is going out and you are in need of well pump repair.
  • Increase in electric bill – Any issue with your well pump can make it so that your home’s water system is less efficient, and therefore you may see an increase in your electric bill each month. If you see this happening, then you may want to look into well pump repair services.

It can often be difficult to self diagnose a well pump problem. If you are noticing problems with your water, like spitting faucets, scalding hot shower water when someone flushes the toilet, or strange noises coming from the water tank, then it is possible that you are having issues with your pressure tank. The pressure tank and well pump work together to provide water to your home.

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