determine if a plumbing repair is in your near future

There are a few things that shouldn’t be completed by the average homeowner. Things like electrical, structural, and plumbing are at the top of the list! Sadly, many of us see a leaking faucet or a slow drain and figure that we can take these things apart and find the problem ourselves! Here at Hall’s Plumbing, we feel that many people could call in a plumber before disaster strikes if they just knew some of the signs to look for. If you would like to know if there is a plumbing repair in your future, these are some things that you can look for:

  • Toilet bubbling
  • Hot water smells
  • Mild leaking or flooding in basement
  • Low water pressure
  • Sudden increase in your water bills
  • Leaks that come and go
  • Slow drains

These are just some of the signs that you can look out for to determine if a plumbing repair is in your near future. Because these signs vary from place to place and even from house to house, be sure that if you have any doubt about the integrity of your plumbing at all, to give a reputable plumber a call. A plumbing problem, when caught early, is far less costly than an emergency repair! When it comes to plumbing repairs, it is always better to be safe instead of sorry.

Here at Hall’s Plumbing, we have the experience needed to help you with any plumbing questions or repairs that you might have. Give us or your favorite plumber a call today if you are having issues like those listed above.