Toilet Repair

The flapper is a vital material for your toilet that cannot be ignored. A flapper produces a seal for the flush valve. The unit controls how water is released into the toilet bowl.

Resolving a broken or malfunctioning flapper is one of the most common forms of toilet repair you may utilize. At Hall’s Plumbing, we can help you by fixing any kind of flapper your toilet has.

We are experienced in handling many flappers in the toilet repair process. These include the following popular choices:

  1. Seat Disk – The seat disk flapper has a circular disk covering your overflow pipe. The flapper will open the pipe every time you flush. A water reservoir will keep it open as you flush. That disk could crack or wear over time.
  2. Rubber – A rubber cap will go on top of your overflow pipe. A chain is attached to your flapper. The chain lifts the cap when you flush and will drop the cap back down when the flushing stops. The chain might start to weaken after a while.
  3. Tank Ball – A rubber ball is used on your pipe in this third choice. A chain pulls the ball when you flush, thus exposing the overflow pipe. There is a potential for the chain to become improperly aligned.

Get in touch with us at Hall’s Plumbing if you ever need help with getting your toilet repaired. We will assist you regardless of the flapper your toilet might use.