Owning a water well has several benefits that may be appealing to some homeowners. If you have your own well, you don’t rely on your city’s water supply, so you aren’t subject to water restrictions. Your water won’t contain additives like fluoride and chlorine, and most people think well water tastes better. The downside is that wells can be more expensive to maintain compared to relying on city water. This extra cost can be greatly minimized if you have annual maintenance done on your well pumps.

Why Well Pumps Need Annual Maintenance

Well pumps are an integral part of keeping the well operational. If your pump is being overused or becomes clogged, the pump will have to be repaired, which can get expensive, depending on the repair needed. An annual inspection helps keep well pumps running efficiently, and your inspector can recommend any changes that need to be made to help make the pump operate better.
Well Pumps
There are some signs that your well pump may not be working properly. Low water pressure, dirty water, loud or abnormal noises from the plumbing, air “spitting” from the faucet, and an unusually high electric bill are all signs that something isn’t right. You should call us at Hall’s Plumbing immediately so we can investigate the problem and get it fixed before further damage is done.

Small maintenance tasks on well pumps typically don’t cost a whole lot, but if you put off repairs, the damage can lead to needing a full pump replacement, which is significantly more expensive. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance to help prevent more significant costs down the road.