Plumbers in Newton, North Carolina

While your home’s plumbing system may not be something you think about every day, it is vital to your daily life. When one part breaks down, it can leave you with high water bills and an inefficient system. At Hall’s Plumbing, we understand the importance of helping you maintain a plumbing system that handles your home’s water use. Our plumbing installation, repair, and replacement services can help best restore or renovate your plumbing.

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Called them on a Saturday morning for a water leak. They were here in less than an hour and the leak was repaired in about an hour. Martin did a great job and was very helpful. Would definitely use them again.



Our plumbing services typically start with an inspection to diagnose your system for plumbing repair or replacement needs. From there, we can help you determine if your system would best benefit from our drain clean services, pipe leak repair, sink drain repair, shower drain repair, well pump installation, well pump repair, water heater installation, or water heater repair services.


During a plumbing inspection, we will test your home’s plumbing amenities for part failures or inefficiencies. Once we locate the source of any leaks, loose connections, or clogged components, we will correct the issues and restore efficiency to your system.


Our plumbing installation services in Newton can help you replace major amenities like your toilet, shower, sink, or water heater. We can also help you replace minor components to those amenities like your toilet seals or faucet. Through this process, we will determine which plumbing installations are best for your space according to your plumbing needs and goals.


In addition to installations or replacements, we offer services for residential plumbing repair and commercial plumbing repair in Newton. If you have a clogged drain, pipe leak, or low water pressure, we can help you target your plumbing issue at its source for better function and future use.


Our drain cleaning repair services relieve your drain of clogged food or objects that slip down its pipe. We can also help you break up limescale or other build-ups that develops inside your drain over time and stops water from properly flowing through it.


Pipe leak repair can be tricky because leaks may exist deep underground. We use non-invasive methods to detect leaks in your pipes, so we don’t tear up your yard or take apart your system. Our pipe leak repair will ensure everything is draining and flowing how it should.

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Our sink drain repair services in Newton can help you deal with cracks or other surface issues, ensuring your sink is still a safe source to hold water. During your sink repair, we can also assess your faucet or garbage disposal for any breakdowns or inefficiencies.


Like the drain in your kitchen, your shower can suffer from clogs. However, you will likely require shower drain repair, not from food, but from obstructions like hair and soap scum. Our plumbers are trained in the specific causes behind your kitchen or bathroom clogs to best relieve them.


Our well pump installation services offer an alternative fresh water source that differs from the city’s water supply. With a well pump installation, you can run fresh water to your home from a nearby well to offer additional water for showers, cleaning, gardening, or caring for livestock.


While a well pump can last up to 15 years before requiring a replacement, it takes regular well pump repair services to get the most out of your unit. We can help you determine if your well pump’s casing is still offering proper protection and water is flowing how it’s supposed to.


Our water heater installation services in Newton can help you sort through the tanked and tankless water heater options on the market to find the right size and function for your home and family’s water use. If you need a water heater replacement, we can help you remove your current unit.


Before jumping to a replacement, it’s important to determine if your home can first benefit from a water heater repair. Minor leaks and cracks can often be restored with water heater repair, so it’s useful to have our plumbers inspect your system before picking out a new unit.


At Hall’s Plumbing, our plumbing services in Newton consider every aspect of your plumbing system, so it can run at its full potential. We deeply care about customer satisfaction and safety, so we show up promptly, conduct ourselves professionally, and handle each project with precision. We look forward to helping repair or renovate your plumbing system next!

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