add value to your home

There are some minor plumbing repairs and upgrades that you may feel confident enough to tackle on your own. One home improvement project that will definitely require a qualified residential plumber, however, is adding a bathroom to the basement of your home. Having living space in the basement is truly wonderful, but having to trek up the stairs every time nature calls can be a big inconvenience. If you have bedrooms, a game room, a family room, or a play room in your basement, having at least a half bath in the basement is a big improvement.

If you hire a residential plumber to help you add a basement bathroom, you will also be adding value to your home should you ever plan on selling it or refinancing it. There will be certain considerations that your residential plumber will need to work through with you before starting the project:

  • Are there any local ordinances or restrictions that might prevent you from being able to complete the project? You want to make sure the work is allowed because you don’t want to waste your money.
  • Where should the bathroom be located? It can be easier (and save you money) if the bathroom is located nearer to your existing plumbing. One strategy is to put the bathroom in the basement directly under the bathroom on your main floor. Electrical is another consideration.
  • Do you want a full bath or half bath? If you just want a convenient toilet, a half bath is sufficient, but if you have a guest room or mother-in-law suite in the basement, you may want a full bath. Be mindful that ventilation is especially important in the basement where you are more likely to have moisture problems anyway.

Plumbing underground may require special work to achieve proper drainage. That’s why it is so important to contact a licensed and insured residential plumber before starting a project like this.