How Do You Know if You Need Well Pump Repair?

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Though there aren’t many warning signs that a well pump repair is needed until there is no or low water pressure, another issue to consider is if the well pump repair is actually the need or if the pressure tank has malfunctioned.


If you are running your home off of well water, these are the two main components of your water system: the well pump and the pressure tank. Like the names sound, the pump draws up or pumps the water from your well into the tank, where water can be stored for you to use. This pressure tank then regulates the water pressure in the pipes of your home to make sure you receive water when you draw from the taps or into a shower or washer.

If you are finding you have little or no water pressure, signs that this could indeed be caused by your well pump needing repair or the pressure tank itself having gone bad can include sputtering from your faucet, water that is too hot, electric bills that appear elevated for no other reason, variations in water pressure in different areas of the home, or clinking sounds coming from the water tank.

Why would your well pump fail in the first place? Well pump repairs are often needed if undue strain has been put on them. Various scenarios can lead to pump failure and the need for well pump repair. Things such as loss of electricity (even temporarily), a poor pump maintenance regimen, loss of pressure enough to cause the system to fail, and a pump being more than 25 years old can all lead to needing a professional for well pump repair.