Shower Repair

Have you thought about having your shower repaired or replaced? Our expert plumbers at Hall’s Plumbing can determine what the best plan of action is for your current shower situation. There are a few tell-tale signs that can help you prepare for the best plan of action:

  • Mold/Mildew — If you notice mold or mildew around or near your shower, you may have some leaks or moisture in areas that should be sealed. Mold in the grout or caulking of your shower should be removed and replaced. The longer you wait to resolve such a serious issue as mold, the more likely it is to cause permanent damage. An experienced plumber may be able to recommend mold removal, or may recommend replacing the shower all together instead of shower repair to prevent problems in the future.
  • Leaks/Crack — If your shower is constantly leaking or is draining slow, this may be a simple fix that can be easily resolved by a specialist. If you have noticed cracks, these too can also be easily resolved, depending on the location. You should never leave small issues unattended as they could lead to even larger issues. Leaks and cracks can lead to water damage, rot and mold, so don’t wait to schedule a plumbing appointment if you suspect you may have an issue.

If you need shower repair or placement for your home in North Carolina, consider calling a plumbing specialist here at Hall’s Plumbing. We can assist you with all your plumbing and shower repair needs!