Three Common Issues that May Require Help from a Commercial Plumber

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Many business owners may wonder when they should contact a commercial plumber. In most cases, contacting a plumber sooner than later is the best idea, as plumbing problems left unattended can be costly. Below are some of the most common reasons business owners contact a commercial plumber.

Three Common Issues that May Require Help from a Commercial Plumber

  • Running toilets – Commercial buildings usually have more toilets than homes, which leads to more issues. A running toilet that is not fixed quickly may drastically affect water bills, so it’s best to contact a commercial plumber as soon as possible to handle the problem. Changing the toilet flapper is an affordable and quick repair compared to a mounting water bill.
  • Clogged drains – In a commercial building, there are far more people putting a strain on the drainage system, which leads to a higher risk of clogs. When people use facilities not inside their homes, they tend to be more careless when it comes to proper disposal, which also increases the number of clogs in commercial buildings.
  • Water temperature issues – Commercial water heaters work much harder than a house’s water heater. The amount of water that needs to be heated daily is usually extensive, leading to commercial water heaters wearing down at quicker paces. If you notice fluctuating water temperatures in your building, it’s best to call a commercial plumber.

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