Water Heater Maintenance

When a hot water heater fails, it can cause a lot of damage. Not only is it expensive to replace your hot water heater, but a leaking or faulty hot water heater can also cause extensive water damage and cost you lots of money when you have to make repairs. One of the best ways to avoid these costly hot water heater repair bills is to make sure you have regular water heater maintenance performed on your tank.

Make sure you keep the manual that came with your water heater. If you don’t have it, you may be able to contact the manufacturer and get a copy or find it online. This manual will give a suggestion of how frequently you should have maintenance performed. Often, the recommendation is once every year.

The following is a list of what you should expect to happen during a water heater maintenance service call:

  • Inspecting the water tank and lines around the tank
  • Flushing of the tank to remove any mineral deposits or other buildup from the bottom of the tank
  • Inspecting and replacing the anode rod if necessary. This rod prevents water heater repair by gradually dissolving and preventing rust from forming inside your water tank.
  • Checking the drain valve for any clogs or buildup

Water heater repair can be inconvenient and expensive, but it can often be avoided with regular maintenance. Maintaining your water heater can actually prolong its life and help it run better, saving you money and providing your family with the best water possible.