Well Pumps: How Will You Know it’s Time to Look for a New One?

Submersible well pumps are truly amazing. These well pumps are generally located between 50 and 300 feet underground. They do their work nonstop for years at a time, pumping water and shutting off and pumping water and shutting off over and over. When well pumps start having problems, it can be very stressful for homeowners. Pulling a well pump and replacing it is not cheap.

If you turn on your faucet and discover that you don’t have any water, it does not necessarily mean that your well pump needs to be replaced. It is definitely time to consult a professional, but there are several other problems that could actually be the issue.

The first possibility is that your problem is electrical. If you don’t hear any noises from your well casing or pressure tanks, this is definitely a possibility. There is usually a faint hum. Electrical problems should be referred to a licensed professional for your own safety.

Another common problem is with the pressure tank that is installed at the top of your system. The job of this tank is to maintain continuous water pressure in your pipes, whether or not the well pump is actively running. There are many signs that your pressure tank may not be working effectively:

  • Well pump turns on and off more than it once did
  • Water pressure varies frequently or there is air in the lines
  • You find water around your pressure tank
  • Pump is running but there isn’t water in the tank

If there is not an electrical problem and your pressure tanks are good, there are two likelihoods left. One is that the water table has changed, reducing the water in your well. The other is your well pump. If you notice a higher electric bill or hear new noises from your well casing, it is definitely time to call us at Hall’s Plumbing and discuss the possibility that your well pump has stopped working properly.