Water Heater Replacement

Although your water heater is critical for providing your home with warm water, that unit is not going to last forever. You will need to get a water heater replacement after a while.

Contact us at Hall’s Plumbing if you need a water heater replacement. We recommend that you reach us if any of the following concerns have come about in your heater:

  • Your heater is leaking. A leak is a sign that your water heater is too old and needs to be replaced.
  • The heating element keeps on failing. You would not get warm water if the heating element constantly shorts out or weakens.
  • Your heater is at least eight years old. At this point, your heater will be more likely to break down or leak. There might also be a newer model that is more energy efficient and will provide you with more warm water in less time.
  • You are using more energy and water to get warm water. A heater should produce warm water almost immediately. When your heater struggles to do this, it is a suggestion that your unit is not fully functional.
  • You are not getting as much water into your heater as what you might need. You might only be getting around 40 gallons of water inside a 50-gallon heater, for instance. Excess buildup and fatigue could be the problem.

Call us at Hall’s Plumbing if you have problems that require water heater replacement.