Why is Drain Inspection Critical for Dealing with a Clogged Drain?

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Did you know that you can actually make your plumbing drainage issues worse when you try to fix them yourself? Chemical over-the-counter remedies for your pipes may actually worsen the situation rather than fix the plumping issues. Rather than risk reaching for the chemical-cure-all under your sink, opt for a professional to come to your home and do a drain inspection. Through proper drain inspections, our plumbing experts can determine where the problem is with your drainage system – even out into the sewage lines in your yard. We may find a broken line or simply identify the composition(s) of whatever is clogging your plumbing. This knowledge can guide us to the best fix for you and your home with the least amount of inconvenience and cost to you.

If you have noticed pooling water around your drains, foul odors coming up from drainage areas, or a drain is simply clogged and then clogging again, you are going to want to have a proper drain inspection. We can bring all of our inspection tools and drain clog removal tools along with our professional training to come to your rescue.

We can even help you with our eyes wide open through a video camera inspection if a more thorough inspection is needed deep into your plumbing system. Such drain inspection techniques can limit the lengths required to fix the problems through proper diagnosis in the first place. Don’t break under the pressure to fix your plumbing fast and end up breaking something in your system through improper pressurization or other commonly misused techniques by home owners. Instead call in our professionals at Hall’s Plumbing and witness first-hand what a great job we can do for you!