Water Heater Repair, Conover, NC

If the water heater in your Conover home or business isn’t very old, water heater repair may be a great alternative to replacement.

Water Heater Repair in Conover, North Carolina
Water Heater Repair in Conover – The water heater in your home provides warm water for bathing, hand washing, cleaning, and meal preparation. When you turn on the hot water spout on your sink faucet but only cold water comes through, you may have a problem with your water heater. The first step is to check if other faucets in your home have hot water coming through them. If not, you will need to bring in a professional to take a closer look and see if you need water heater repair.

Other signs of water heater issues include strange sounds or bad odors from the unit or wet spots on the floor around it. These signs often occur as the result of burned out elements, rusty pipes, and shorts in the electrical wires, all of which can cause the unit to stop working correctly.

Water heaters typically last for about 10-15 years at the most, so it’s important to keep track of the age of yours and get it replaced if it’s been more than a decade. But if your unit isn’t that old, water heater repair can be a great option. Our team of professionals at Hall’s Plumbing offers water heater repair to customers in Conover, North Carolina. Water heater repair is not an easy task, especially since many of the problems require you to take the unit apart to access the damaged components. Trying to take this on yourself can be very risky and could lead to more damage, so it’s best to rely on our skilled plumbers.

At Hall’s Plumbing, we offer high-quality water heater repair services in Mooresville, Iredell County, Conover, Newton, Kannapolis, Mt. Pleasant, Maiden, Taylorsville, Davidson, Sherrills Ford, Denver, Statesville, and Terrell, North Carolina.